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Face off (Penguins on ice flow)

Living only in the Southern Hemisphere, Penguins make their homes from Antarctica to Ecuador to South Africa. However, most of the Penguin Family is found around the islands and coasts of Antarctica. These black and white Birds who spend most of their lives in the water fascinate people. People see Penguins waddling about, looking very formal. Penguins defy people’s notions about Birds. These flightless birds have captured people’s imaginations.

Of all the Birds, Penguins are the most specialized for life in the sea. They use their stubby wings as flippers, and their webbed feet for rudders. Fast swimmers and excellent divers, Penguins pursue Fish, Squid, Krill, and Shrimp. On land, They have problems walking since their feet are set far back from their bodies. Penguins make up for this lack of agility by tobogganing on their bellies on the ice.

Penguins living in Southern Africa and South America are different from their Antarctic Cousins. Smaller than Antarctic Penguins, these Penguins have no feathers on their feet. To walk, They hold their wings out, spread their legs apart, and hold their toes up. Because They do not live where there is a lot of ice, Northern Penguins hop instead of tobogganing.

What all Penguins share is their agility. A Penguin may be awkward on land, but graceful in the sea. What clumsy people can learn from Penguin is to discover their gracefulness. Penguin can show people who are awkward how to compensate for their clumsiness. Learn from Penguin how to be agile.

 Emperor Penguin tobogganing on ice flow

Important Penguin Teaching: Play

“Penguin loves to bob, dive, splash, about in his waters, excited that he is alive. He loves to play hide and seek, diving and swimming long distances and then splashing out of the water saying, “Here I am, come and play with me.” Copyright: “Wisdom of Australian Animals”, Ann Williams-Fitzgerald.

Penguin’s Teachings Include:

"There is nothing quite as exciting as giving all that one has to give." Copyright: (The Internet Guide to Becoming an Athlete)

Penguin Watch (Penguins guarding their nest)

Penguin’s Wisdom Includes:
Being Family-Oriented
Being Social
Properness and Good Manners
A Sense of Order and Purpose
Focus and Determination
How to Blend, Merge and Balancing the Dark with the Light
How to Embrace and Understand all Realms of Life
Strength Under Extreme Conditions
Lucid Dreaming
Adapting to Many Environments
Life as an Adventure

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Photo of Emperor Penguin tobogganing courtesy of U.S. National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
"Face Off" and "Penguin Watch" copyrighted by Mary Ann Sterling

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